Browser-Based Surveys

The basic features of the IDS UCLA app are also available from the web, so you can take a survey without a mobile device. To take surveys you can click on the Survey Taking Tool on the IDS Homepage or by clicking the “Surveys” dropdown arrow on the IDS Mobilize Toolbar.

Choosing a Campaign

Click anywhere on the row corresponding to the campaign you wish to take a survey for.

A trash can will appear in place of the blue arrow signifying that you have chosen that campaign. Click anywhere along the row again to isolate the campaign.

Click on the campaign name to begin the survey.

Taking a Survey

Below is an example of the “Food Habits” survey from Unit 1.

Submitting a Survey


  • Note: once you have clicked submit, you will no longer be able to edit any of your responses.
  • The thank you message is for completing the survey but you must click submit to upload it to the server.

Click Allow or Block

This window appears as a confirmation that your survey was successfully submitted or stored.

Video Tutorials

If you'd like to watch a video tutorial of the browser-based survey submission, please visit this link