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 +===== IDS Class Setup Process =====
 +There are 5 initial steps that IDS teachers will use to generate classes and accounts for their students.
 +The instructions below show the step-by-step process with detailed descriptions of each step, including screen shots. ​
 +==== Step 0: Gather IDS Account Info! ====
 +For this step, you will need your IDS account. If you forgot your username and password, contact [[:​contact|IDS Support]]. **Please allow at least 24 hours for your account to be reset.**
 +==== Step 1: Obtain a Class Roster for Each IDS Period ====
 +Before you can create classes and student accounts, you will need to obtain a class roster in CSV (comma-separated value) format for each of your IDS periods. Each CSV file **must** contain 4 columns with the following student information:​
 +  * First Name
 +  * Last Name
 +  * ID
 +  * School Name
 +If you need assistance obtaining the roster, please contact your school or district mathematics administrator or support person.
 +**//​__PLEASE NOTE__: If your students’ first and last names appear together in one column in the csv file, click below on "​Roster Formatting"​ for further instruction on how to separate them.// ​
 +[[namespace:​page#​here|Roster Formatting]]
 +==== Step 2: Class Setup ====
 +Sign on to the [[https://​ids.centinela.k12.ca.us|IDS Home Page.]] Find and click the "Class Setup" tool.
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_0.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +==== Step 3: Create a New Class====
 +Click on "​Create New Class."​
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_1.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +  * Select your class semester and period.
 +  * Click "​Create Class."​
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_2.png?​direct&​500 |}}
 +==== Step 4: Creating Student Accounts ====
 +Once you create the class, click on "​Import Users"​.
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_3.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +==== Step 5: Uploading Class Rosters ====
 +  * Click the "​Select CSV file" button and browse to find your class roster in CSV format (from step 1). **Caution**:​ Do not upload rosters in other formats, such as .xls. Only files in CSV format can be uploaded.
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_4.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +  * Once your roster is uploaded, click on the magnifying glass to see the contents in your file.
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_5.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +  * You will see the columns in your CSV file corresponding to your students'​ information.
 +  * Notice and record on paper the contents of each column. The example below shows the following:
 +     * Student ID = Column A
 +     * First Name = Column B
 +     * Last Name = Column C
 +     * School Name = Column D
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_6.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +  * You will now assign the columns in the imported CSV file to their corresponding fields as shown below:
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_7.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +  * Find the "​Prefix"​ field. Enter the prefix of the teacher'​s username. For example, if your username is busd-3215, you will enter busd- (please include the dash).
 +  * Then click on "​Import Users"​.
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_8.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +  * A green dialog box will appear after successfully creating student accounts.
 +  * Scroll down to find all of your newly created users. You will see your students'​ usernames and activation passwords.
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_9.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +  * For a printer-friendly version of your student accounts list, find the "​Print"​ button immediately under "​Users"​.
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_10.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +  * Print the list and cut each strip showing each user's information horizontally. Distribute each strip to the corresponding account holder.
 +{{ :​ids_class_set-up_11.png?​direct&​500 |}}
 +==== Step 6: Updating Rosters ====
 +We understand that the first roster you upload may not be complete (or may contain students who have since dropped from your class). ​ Because of this, we've made it possible for you to very easily make changes to your roster:
 +  * Repeat step 1 above to obtain the latest version of your IDS class roster in CSV format.
 +  * Visit the [[https://​ids.mobilizingcs.org/#​classes|IDS Home Page]].
 +  * Log in with your IDS account.
 +  * Click "​Manage"​ next to the class you'd like to update.
 +  * Repeat step 5.
 +  * After your roster uploads, there will be a descriptive status informing you of changes: 1- any new students who have been added (highlighted in green) and 2- any students who were not found in the roster, that you may choose to delete (highlighted in red).
 +  * If you made a mistake and wish to delete a class, click on "​Deleting a Class" below.
 +[[app:​web:​deleting_a_class|Deleting a Class]]
 +==== Step 7: Reset students'​ passwords ====
 +When an account is first created, there is an initial password assigned to each account. Upon first login, each student is required to change his/her initial password to the password of his/her choice. Students can change their initial passwords by logging in to the [[https://​ids.mobilizingcs.org/​|IDS Home Page]], or via the IDS data collection tool on their phones. ​
 +On the rare occasion when students forget their passwords after their initial passwords have been changed, teachers can login to [[https://​ids.mobilizingcs.org/#​classes| the Class Setup tool]] to reset students'​ passwords.  ​
 +==== FAQs ====
 +  * Q. Can I change a student'​s password if they'​ve forgotten it?
 +  * A. Yes! Just find their name in your class list and click "​Change Password"​.
 +  * Q. Next to my student'​s account, it lists <​changed>​ under password. What does this mean?
 +  * A. This means the student'​s password has been changed from the initial password. You are still able to change it if necessary.
 +  * Q. Something doesn'​t seem to be working on this page. Is my browser supported?
 +  * A. Please refer to the "IDS Web Browser"​ section on our [[:​requirements#​mobilize_web_browser_requirements|minimum requirements]] page.