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-===== Mobilize ​Support Contact ===== +===== IDS Support Contact ===== 
-If you are having trouble using the Mobilize ​Web frontend, the Mobilize ​Android application or RStudio please contact the Mobilize ​Support team using the information provided below.+If you are having trouble using the IDS Web Tools on the IDS Home Page, the IDS UCLA Android ​or iOS application or RStudioplease contact the IDS Support team using the information provided below.
-<​html><​object type="​application/​x-shockwave-flash"​ data="​https://​clients4.google.com/​voice/​embed/​webCallButton"​ width="​230"​ height="​85"><​param name="​movie"​ value="​https://​clients4.google.com/​voice/​embed/​webCallButton"​ /> +support@idsucla.org 
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-Email: mobilize-support@cs.ucla.edu+
 Thank you! Thank you!
 +Introduction to Data Science (IDS) Team