Roster Formatting Process

This page provides you with the process to separate your students’ first and last names from a single column in the csv file you downloaded into two columns.

If you prefer written instructions with screenshots, follow the instructions below.

If you prefer to see a step-by-step video showing you how to separate first and last names into two columns, click HERE

Step 1:Open your Class Roster in Excel

Once you’ve downloaded your Class Roster, open the CSV file in Excel.

Step 2: Split Columns

Insert a column to the right of your Student Name column

Click on the first student name in the column.

  • If using an Apple computer, use shift + command + ⬇ to highlight entire column of names
  • If using a PC computer, use shift + control + ⬇ to highlight entire column of names.

Click on Data and select Text to Columns. Make sure to select Delimited.

Click Next > and select Comma while deselecting all other Delimiters.

Click Next > and check to make sure your columns are set up properly in the preview before clicking Finish.

Step 3: Rename Columns

Click on the header of each column and rename per type of name. For example, if there are first names in the column, rename header to first_name.

Step 4: Save to your Computer for Easy Upload

Once you’ve formatted your roster, save your Class Roster as a CSV file to your computer while being mindful of where it is being saved. Now go back to the Class Setup Page. and proceed to Step 2.